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Ordo musicae: Septuagesima

March 4, 2011

February 20, Septuagesima:

Mass XI

Franco:  Circumdederunt me

Ave Regina Caelorum (Solemn)


As fades the Glowing Orb of Day (Bow Brickhill)

Oft in Danger, Oft in Woe (University College)

On the organ:

Jean Langlais:  Prelude au Kyrie

J.S. Bach:  Wer nur den lieben Gott laesst walten

The Mass Ordinaries in the Gregorian chant repertoire are really quite splendid, and they don’t really get enough “air time,” so to speak, since in most cases a “chant Mass” means either the Missa de Angelis or the Ferial Mass for Advent and Lent.  Mass XI, the Mass for the Sundays throughout the year, is truly among the best, particularly the Sanctus, which, if interpreted sensitively, has a quiet energy that reminds me of that line from Wisdom about the souls of the just “darting about as sparks through stubble.”

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